Protection Methods


A few of my personal methods, and by no means a complete list.

  1. Salt, rosemary, and water wash. Combine salt, rosemary, and water into a large bowl. Visualize protective and cleansing energies entering the bowl. Be specific in what you want to be protected from. Use the wash around your home, especially doorways and windows. Create protective sigils using the wash, if you wish.
  2. Chalk sigils. Draw them on the foundation of your house, sidewalks, underneath floorboards, or in the walls if you’re remodeling your home.
  3. Wards. Used to defend against specific things, and keep them away.
    ~ Hex signs - circular painted symbols. Different patterns and colors have different meanings, but you can always create your own.
    ~ Spider houses - specific spaces designated for spiders to live to keep away insects and other creatures that are pests or feed off of energy. I use rocks, boxes, and small flower pots, and draw protective sigils on them.
    ~ Alerts - sound makers hung outside of the home. They alert you of possible harm, and defend against it. Chimes can be purposed to do this. You can also create your own using various items, such as string, wire, beads, shells, bells, anything you can think of that makes noise.
  4. Witch Ball. Clear balls hung up around the home to capture harmful energy, that can be cleansed.
  5. Witch Jar. Jar filled with broken glass, nails, pins, and whatever you feel will protect you. Seal it with wax and bury it in your yard.
  6. Charm bags. Bags filled with protective herbs and items. If you don’t have sachets or fabric, you can use a coffee filter or paper and string or ribbon. Hang them around the house, in a vehicle, or even carry one with you.
  7. Amulets. An item worn, usually jewelry, purposed to protect you from specific harms, such as illness, jealousy, or unwanted spirits.
  8. Glamours. Glamours are intended to make others see you how you want to be seen, or not seen. They can be as simple as a chant, “I will travel unnoticed,” “I will blend in with my surroundings,” “Others will not see me.” Focus on this energy, and push it out of you to create a barrier.
  9. Energy Shield. Choose an element that you feel connected to, and visualize it creating a protective shield around you. For instance, you might visualize yourself surrounded by fire, waves, lightning storms, or tornadoes.
  10. Protection Candle. Charge a candle with protective energy. Visualize the energy as an egg, growing around the candle, yourself, and your home. Light the candle any time you feel you need added protection.
  11. Ask for help. If you work with spirits, ask them if they’re willing to help protect you.