Support Indigenous Australians


a friend of mine has a tradition of donating to charities that assist Indigenous Australians on Jan 26th. I’ve recently joined her and in case more of you would like to join me, here are some of the many great charities out there that may interest you.

feel free to add

Education & Community Building

Indigenous Literacy Foundation - National charity created to close the literacy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. They provide books, education, translation and publication services.

The Boab Network - (WA) 100% volunteer-run network created to combat the high suicide rates in the Mowanjum community. They run activities for health, leisure and community, provide Indigenous kids the resources/opportunity to travel to Country, and run several stores and community centrepieces.

Australian Indigenous Education Foundation - National NFP that assists Indigenous students in financial need access quality higher education & provides tutoring & mentoring to help them in their studies and beyond.


Fred Hollows Foundation - not a charity exclusively for Indigenous Australians, but works all over the world providing cheap or free eye checks & surgeries to cure preventable blindness. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander adults are 6x more likely than their white counterparts to go blind but 94% of blindness is preventable with the help of Fred Hollows.

Black Rainbow Australia / Black Rainbow Living Well Foundation (x) (x) (x) - seeks to research, promote & assist in the mental health of Indigenous LGBT+ (including brotherboy and sistergirl) people in Australia in a way that is culturally meaningful and aware of intersectional disadvantage.

Legal Aid

legal assistance organisations for Indigenous Australians exist in all states, but some are state-funded only and do not appear to accept public donations. those that do are below

Aboriginal Legal Service - NSW/ACT (x)

Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (x)

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (x)