so this is diversity, america...

so this is diversity, america?

so this is diversity, america?

no. #fuckoff

okay.  where shall i start? 

often asian-american / asian pacific islander history / identity / radicalism / politics / resistance are all overlooked & deemed invisible. why? no idea, but in america asian-americans occupy a liminal space - betwixt & between, neither here nor there; treading this grey space between the hegemonic binary of black & white. thus, api issues often are never taken into account. 

well. this is an issue. 

why? well. do i really always hafta explain everything? (yes, 'cause how many of y'all learned this in api history in high school...not many, including myself.) 

let's start by looking at the word "asian" in this context. here korean, japanese, chinese, thai, indian, filipin@, vietnamese, malaysian, hmong, indonesian, burmese, & other beautiful distinctive cultures' / communities' are all compartmentalized into one neat, controllable term that is "asian". this unjustly assumes that all of these very distinct & rich cultures in fact "look the same" & don't really matter, so they can be squashed into this hegemonic term. this is also an example of unjust, unconsensual objectification & orientalization. 

further, it is almost like the authentic malaysian, vietnamese, indian foods are all too "exotic" & must be packaged & handled by white people.

now, who are the ones profiting off of objectifying, manipulating, & selling / exoticizing api cultures? oh yes. the white girls? 

i would say the entire fucking system that puts profit over human progress & lives ; the same system that incarcerates a preposterous number of black / brown bodies ; the same system that has a man running for president because he got hella cash even though he kicks out a muslim womxn for existing ; the same system that is not protecting trans / womxn / femme bodies from straight feminicide ; the same system that has decimated millions of indigenous peoples & that got a roman coliseum sports team with the name of redskins... however this system tends to favor those who are white, hetero, with an able body, a penis, a trust fund, a full set of teeth. 

i'm out. to jupiter i go.