baby groh got a lot of new experiences the past 6 months after moving to the straight up countryside of japan / roaming to various corners of so-called "asia". 

acquired a new every day phrase of sheer power, resilience, & brilliance that is ever so effective when i find muthafuckas steppin' unconsensually in my space on dey colonial high horse : 

f u c k o f f 

clearly the adventures of the "oriental fantasy" (satire / ふしが ... #fuckyoorientalfantasy) continue into 2016, especially after traveling to thailand & vietnam & encountering many older white men eye probing me in the bar & inching toward me with their rather crusty smiles. they threw the orientalist gaze tough, which was met with my stank ass face & utterance of "nah". they continued to smile & give me that sass squint like "i love the resistance you bring with your sexy exotic eyes that say no..." of course, i threw that shit right back.

"noooooooooo! noooooooooo! fuck off, bruh."

then poof. be gone. they magically disappeared. 

& I then continued to occupy my space & live in this body without the legacies of fear/history haunting crawling grotesquely & disgustingly all up my spine & up my neck.