thrive joints

why i fuck with soundcloud - it's a relatively democratic, free, accessible platform where folks can express their poetry / narratives / art & share, creating a musical dialogical & artistic process. mmm creativity smooth as buttah. 

has that early 2000s r&b / pop feel fuhsurely. lightweight brandy / monica on 'em

oh baby! too fresh! takin' me back...them smoothies from the 90s.

got a pinch of sade, a few pinches of erykah, & hella pinches of dey own creative brilliance & existence. 

so beautiful. so much talent in this world. peep this incredible piece. 

my baby groh annelisa moody swervin' on y'all muthafuckas with this ethereal piece of inoj hints & contemporary trip hop sprinkles. 

git you chillun & knockin' on a sunday morning.

soulection lightweight brought soundcloud on the map along with baby boy fkj. this one brings me my 90s r&b. 

dilla donut love x j. boykins iii --- got me so loose & on my own flow.

required reading period.

sista grrrrrroh...bars

one of my absolute favorite artists that i truly respect for their creativity & magical blends...french kiwi juice doe. 

frisco rooted artivists. off tops. my shit. 

forever my hitta

can't go wrong with bobs. 

my favorite song...a new favorite much talent in this existence...infinite...good lawd...

sax is errthang.

...but i had to.

a bossy version of the bossiest.

this soulful reggae doe...