life & its treasures

living in the countryside of japan mos def has its pros & cons as does everything in this existence. japan has a direly low birth rate & the population is declining rapidly. in my town alone about five schools have closed due to the lack of children; this was once a classroom of a small elementary school that had less than 10 students (1st-6th grade) before closing. now many abandoned schools are being repurposed and reused. this closed school in my town is now a local community center with space for community events, classes, and youth programs, along with small local businesses -- a local, organic pizza joint, a children's book store, an antique store, a fresh sembei shop, & this cute cafe! this cafe is run by one awesome womxn & mother of one of my students! she moved from the city of kyoto to the country to live a simpler, more mindful life. this photo fails to capture the quaint & charming beauty of this classroom turned dessert / coffee cafe...all the old shelves & desks & scientific instruments & school posters were kept up! #さすが 日本。