bay area womxn slaying spotlight: eileen shoji

currently been knockin' yung east bay sista, eileen shoji, who be destroying. her very trill almost revelry type floetry and the beats on the back. 

the song that popped up on my soundcloud feed was feel good & thereafter it has been on straight repeat. for probably the past week. 

iphone only account of setouchi art triennale -- circa november 2016

incredible art exhibition on cluster of islands between shikoku and mainland japan (near okayama). art installations were in abandoned buildings and spaces throughout these islands. i went to shodoshima (famous for its olives, sesame oil, and shoyu...i memory is so shit), naoshima (benasse art site, yayoi kusama pumpkins, incredible onsen bath interactive art), megijima, ogijima (where momotaro fought da oni), and wish i went to all of them. here are some samples of da pics. 


what a time to be alive.

in today's mass media feed (owned by a couple of fat ass companies, but i like to believe in al jazeera & democracy now): 

sheila abdus-salaam - first muslim woman judge in the united states and the first black female judge in the new york high courts. abdus-salaam was reported missing on wednesday by her husband, but found on thursday in the hudson river, fully clothed and deceased. 

thoughts - although the cause of death is yet to be determined, this is another vicious act of violence inflicted upon the black female body and the larger black and muslim community. our current context is vital when understanding this tragedy. the united states is for the most part still structurally anti-black and anti-muslim due to the long fetch of history, geopolitical events, and inaccessibility of quality, interdisciplinary education that promotes critical thinking. 

largest non-nuclear bomb in u.s. history dropped in afghanistan - with 11 tons of tnt and weighing roughly 22,000 pounds, this mass weapon of destruction was dropped by the united states on apparent isil tunnel networks. the blast however has a radius of 1.6 kilometers, putting civilians in extreme danger. 

thoughts - this is bullshit. continuing to pour huge industrial-sized cement buckets of oil on this ravenous fire. continuing this incredibly unsustainable cycle of violence. i stand in vehement opposition. 

as a millennial of privilege, i have not directly or indirectly experienced the cacophony of human emotions that is war. i have never felt the physical or emotional impact of such violence. but i do know it destroys. & is brutally unsustainable & leaves the earth & its inhabitants with scars & traumatic, body-shattering memories. we know how fucked war is. we know. yet.

although i do believe that mass media broadcasts more stories of tragedy, conflict, and traumatic violence, i do think it is necessary to know, examine, and swallow the present day atrocities. for this is the current dimension...or so i think. 

however, it is important, if not paramount, to note that i come from a place of extreme privilege - typing on my japanese government funded laptop in a public junior high school in the countryside of kyoto. these painful atrocities are felt through a screen. i haven't even seen or read about any narratives from those affected by these two events specifically. it is incredible how the human sense of empathy works in the current age of exponential technological growth. in so many ways i can't help but look at myself as purely apathetic during these times. i am just sitting in an office, planning my weekend ahead to go to a ryokan tucked in the mountains of kyoto. who the fuck i am to be even talking about these things without due action? i am constantly balancing these thoughts of action versus self-care. 

although as heartbroken and utterly scared as i am, i am also inspired to thrive unapologetically, create fiercely, and love fully. i feel the blazing forest fires under my asshole, and i see the fences of neutrality burning without regret. i am heated and motivated to exist freely against all forms of hatred, exclusion, and fear. i do not wish to feed the world more distractions that obstruct our individual and collective innovation and love-backed action. 

easier said than done. but i will start by speaking these aspirations into existence. 

m a n i f e s t a t i o n with & for our community. 

ocd rockin' for tumblr, instagram, twitter, facebook, & squarespace fail to seamlessly streamline.

perhaps i am technologically unsavvy, or perhaps i chose the wrong website provider. but.

i want to continue my writing, but i forget my writing is actually in my very long insta-banters and sassy-tweet-twats. i have to let go of this mental tiff. the tiff being i can't record or catalog my past cyborg writings on this blog. 

but i wish to continue to write. to say. because shit, what a time to be alive. 

back in 日本 with the frisco / yay urrea uterus feels. still feeling inundated with thoughts, emotions, & floetry from the roots of home. however inspired by comm U N I T Y , the folks continuing to occupy space in the city / bay with their radical imaginations & community-minded creations. ごめんなさい if i flaked like a freshly baked croissant or failed to address ya (no amerikaan denwa), but know i got 5,356 unread emails in my inbox.


for the higher you, me, we.

been in japan for a year & not a lot but a lot has changed. mostly within. & also without. i gained weight outchere & literally coworkers & random people alike out here have told me how i gained weight,which is a subject that is sometimes treated like its the weather. different cultural context, i have assumed. but still the same scrutiny & policing of the femme body as in america. still the same hegemonic notions of what is worthy & what is unworthy. unfortunately, i found myself wandering the dark corridors of insecurity, often feeling my body & physical existence were "less than...", especially in a country of mostly very skinny people. not the first time I have felt such self-loathing; my first two years of college i struggled tough with an eating disorder & a really skewed & fucked perception of my own self. this story is not new for femme peeps or folks in general. we live a culture that makes us hate ourselves. but like honestly fuck off, cause me, you, we are fucking made of gorgeous sparkly star dust that can traverse time & space with fucking resilience & brilliance. each one of us is the incredible, intricate, & magical symphony of ecosystems. like the fuck, you cut my skin that shit grows back?! groh wha!? millions of particles from infinity itself, recycled, to form y o u. a face & vessel & human experience that only y o u have. me, you, we are more than the walls & constructs that have been built over time. we are the fucking universe - within & without - & oh so worthy of unconditional, grade-a l o v e. revolution starts yoself, ourself, inside out, to reach the higher you, the higher me, the higher W E. no need for outside validations or male compliments, you good kween & do bad all by yoself (ourself)! good night from japan. #babygrohgotherbabybootybackdoebluhd #keepyoshit100


morning rituals

morning rituals : spoon of organic apple cider vinegar with a cup of hot water...mix in some honey & boom. since there ain't no kombucha out here...this is my jam.