thank you for failing | asian resource gallery, oakland, ca・2014

the art of resilience | suite j-town gallery, san francisco, ca・2015

resistance | soma arts + cultural center, san francisco, ca・2016

nowhere but everywhere (solo) |モーブ, osaka, japan・2017

agrarianaa | soma arts + cultural center, san francisco, ca・2019


i am here (cover) | oakland asian cultural center zine, collage, print・2014

otherwheres iii: comics | otherwheres magazine, illustration, print・2016

the roots issue: hella gentrification | the creative magazine, writing, online・2016

“meet eryn: a 5th generation san franciscan” | broke ass stuart, online・2015

“eryn kimura: artivist” | sfacc channel, podcast・2015

“the most inspiring styles from brooklyn’s afropunk festival” | c-head magazine, we will be respected t-shirt, online・2015

“artists take path of most resistance in fight against displacement” | kqed arts, online・2016

“agrarianaa to open at somarts and cultural center | rafu shimpo, online・2019


murals + social change: examining power + possibility in international mural art | japanese community youth council, summer youth workshop, san francisco, ca・2012

food deserts to school lunches: food justice literacy | el puente high school (closed), 6-month course, santa barbara, ca・2012-2013

interdisciplinary art facilitator | family + child empowerment services, youth classes, san francisco, ca・2013-2015

zoning, incarceration, redevelopment: the history of san francisco’s japantown and the racialization of space | nikkei community internship + japanese community youth council, training, san francisco + los angeles, ca・2014

afro-asian currents in san francisco’s japantown + fillmore community | japanese community youth council, training, san francisco, ca・2015

asian-american art, media + resistance: from wwii to today | oca - asian pacific advocates national convention, youth leadership training, san francisco, ca・2015

cultures of resilience | suite j-town: the art of resilience, presentation + panel, san francisco, ca・2015

english teacher + international education coordinator | kyotamba-cho municipal board of education, kyotamba, kyoto, japan・2015-2017

japanese-america: meiji japan to the redress movement | 六甲町コミュニティセンター, presentation + discussion, rokko island, kobe, japan・2016

edo art: ito jakuchu | 質美笑楽講, youth course, kyotamba, kyoto, japan・2016

kyotamba mural art | 質美笑楽講, youth course, kyotamba, kyoto, japan・2017

facilitating + teaching