Credit: Souls of San Francisco 2014

visual artist + facilitator

eryn kimura (she/her) is an asian-american visual artist and facilitator from san francisco,* california (guest on ohlone land*).

eryn's art derives from a personal exploration of the fractal nature of identity as well as the visceral connection to divine, ancestral pasts and futures.

with her analog, upcycled collages, eryn meticulously pieces together various fragments of found print media - from offensive national geographic articles of the 1930s to neon grocery store advertisements she collected when living in the countryside of kyoto, japan. her collages are cacophonous yet graceful visual symphonies, juxtaposing inconspicuous grayscale scraps, colorful digital pixel-like bits and familiar graphics that together transmit a deeper, mysterious knowledge and a visual cartography of her infinite self/selves. although her art pieces can be seen as merely personal meditations, they can be collectively viewed as a present-day archive of the unarchived.


say what’s up at erynyk@gmail.com