Credit: Souls of San Francisco 2014

Eryn Kimura is a teacher, storyteller, artist, and fifth generation San Franciscan.


Eryn Kimura earned her BA in Asian-American Studies and Psychology from UC Santa Barbara. Her undergraduate work focused on education reform, social justice, and race and space in San Francisco.

Upon graduating, she returned home only to meet a new skyline pierced with metal cranes, transphobic and racist conversations on public transit, and the diverse, funkadelic community that raised her, displaced. For survival's sake, she began to explore the intersection of art and social change. Her work ranges from meticulous recycled collages to colorful, sassy essays with her eclectic Frisco prose. Her art narrates her polycultural story of the 415, as well as resists and redefines mainstream tropes of Asian-American womxn. Her visual art and creative writings have been featured in various exhibitions and publications - from San Francisco's SOMA Exhibition Resistance to Los Angeles based Issue Magazine.

Eryn has also served as a local community organizer, facilitator, and youth mentor in San Francisco. She has created various alternative curricula and facilitated numerous youth workshops focusing on the Afro-Asian history of Japantown to recyclable community art.

Displaced (but thriving), Eryn Kimura now teaches in the countryside of Kyoto, Japan. She is currently finishing up her first solo visual art exhibition in Osaka. She plans to continue her travels and connect with vibrant creatives and compassionate community leaders throughout Asia. 


Say what's up at erynyk@gmail.com.